Orion Diversified Holding Co., Inc is an internal capital allocation and asset management corporation for its various subsidiary businesses. Our principles are clear and our goals are well defined.


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JOBS Act will make it easier for startups to raise money, go public

JOBS Act will make it easier for startups to raise money, go public

Austin entrepreneurs and investors are hoping that the JOBS Act, expected to be signed by President Barack Obama today, will make it easier for startups to raise money and go public. The legislation, which was backed by Silicon Valley and the high-tech industry, opens up more opportunities for crowdfunding, in which the Internet is used to solicit a large number of smaller investors. In addition, it exempts young companies from Securities and Exchange Commission reporting rules to reduce the costs and red tape of raising capital, and will eventually allow smaller companies to carry out initial public offerings sooner. "It really democratizes the fundraising process by opening crowdfunding opportunities to everybody, not just accredited investors," said Matt Chasen, founder and CEO of Austin-based uShip.com. "At the same time, by reducing expensive regulatory paperwork and processes, it will free up more money for companies to direct toward growth and production, in areas such as engineering and sales."  (Read More...)
Warren E. Buffett ~ Annual Letters to Shareholders

Warren E. Buffett ~ Annual Letters to Shareholders

Most intelligent investors hold dear to them the candid value investing concepts utilized by America's most successful investor, Warren E. Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK/A). ORION DHC, Inc CEO ,  Mr. Randy Hoff,  encourages all  OODH investors, seasoned pros and amatuers alike, to read Mr. Buffett's annual letters to shareholders. These written excerpts from such an elite investor are valuable tools that, more often than not, provide wonderful investment insight.  Click Here to Read Warren E. Buffett's Annual Letters to Shareholders.


Orion Diversified Holding Company can best be described as a corporation that “holds” assets until they go up in value.   In other words, the company acquires assets and makes an effort to sell them for a premium price at a later time. The company accomplishes this via internal divisions, equity ownership, Real Property and subsidiary companies that are expected to grow in time.


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